Furniture, Rattan Cane Chair Repair, Upholstery Singapore


Upholstery is the taking of an unpadded piece of furniture and adding padding to it. This is normally done to provide cushion for the hard surface we sit on, as that of a solid wood chair. Sitting on such as chair a can be painful especially when you have to sit on it for a long time.


Upholstery can also be done to other furniture such as footstools, headboards and etc. Reupholstery is the taking off of the padding, covering or cushioning of a piece of furniture and replacing it with something new. This is normally performed when the existing fabric covering or cushioning is starting to lose its bounce or because the look and feel do not seem to match the overall theme of the home design.


Furniture, Rattan Cane Chair Repair, Upholstery Singapore


At Maywell, we offer reupholstery services. If you are not satisfied with your existing upholstery work, let us help you to rectify it and you will get your furniture new with a fresh look without having to discard your furniture and pay more for new.


If your need any reupholstery services to touch up your furniture to recreate a new look and feel, Maywell is pleased to offer our service.

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