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Furniture, Rattan Cane Chair Repair, Upholstery Singapore


In Singapore context, due to the scarce land mass, our living space are getting smaller and smaller. Conventional furniture seem too big to accommodate to these limited space we are having. Today’s consumers look to customization of their furniture for solution. People nowadays are more open to new ideas for their interior design to bring in creativity and innovation into their home. Furniture customization is fast becoming a trend. With customization, consumers are free to tailor to their own choice of design, dimensions and colours, and at the same time, make space out of limitation.


Furniture, Rattan Cane Chair Repair, Upholstery Singapore

Furniture, Rattan Cane Chair Repair, Upholstery Singapore


At Maywell, we usually utilise natural wood to customize furniture for our clients. For customization services, you can definitely rely on Maywell. Our skilled carpenters are armed with years of experience to deliver the desired quality service at affordable rates to meet your customization needs.


If your need any furniture customization to add creativity to your home, Maywell is pleased to offer our service.

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